Success stories

“My house was damaged because of the flood that hit Houston. I was unable to pay off the damages to my house, but Hoperty gave me a FAIR cash offer my house!”

– Renzi S.

“I just got a new job in California, and I didn’t have time to list my house with an agent. I gave Hoperty a call, and they were able to help me out selling my home fast!”

– Tracy B.

“My house was seized due to a lien I had on it. Hoperty helped me through the process of getting my house sold for the right price! We were able to close within two weeks!”

- Marcus M.

“My wife and I decided to retire after 40 years of working. We wanted to downsize to a smaller house, so we tried selling our house with Hoperty and they gave us the BEST offer!”

– Garnette S.

“My house was in the process of being liquidated because I owed money to the bank. Hoperty helped me pay off my debt with the cash offer they gave me!”

– Janna L.

“With the new changes to my neighborhood, the amount of taxes I had to pay on my house was too much. Hoperty was able to help me out of this horrible financial situation!”

- Francisco V.

Types of homes we buy

Types of homes we have purchased in the past.


Houses that are in the process of being liquidated and need to be sold immediately.


Houses where the owner needs to relocate and does not have time to list their house properly with an agent.


Houses where the owner has retired and can no longer afford the payments associated with it.


Houses that have been seized by a lien and needs to be paid off immediately for debts against the house.

Owe Taxes

Houses that owe taxes or have high taxes and the owner is no longer able to afford the payments.

Costly Repairs

Houses that were damaged by natural disasters and the owner cannot afford to repair the house.

Types of homes we buy.

Types of homes we have purchased in the past.

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